Sensorize [sen-soh-rise]


1. To create a space for your sensory-seeking child, in order to provide them with a calm, suitable environment that will fulfill their needs.

2. The act of providing the family with peace, harmony and freedom which was created by the fullfilment of the child through this sensory space.

  • Where does your child go when they are angry, irritable and need to self-soothe?

  • Do they have their own space to calm down, gather their thoughts and come back out when they are all better?

  • Where does your child go when they want to play and enjoy their free time, without using electronics?

As a mom of special needs children, I know first hand what it's like. The daily struggle is very much real, and yet the overall experience of raising a child with special needs is so rewarding. Sometimes you feel like you want to give up. But remember: you're not alone in this. Let us help your children feel more at ease in their home.

Our sensory designs are tailored to children of all ages who are in need of a targeted space where they can feel calm, focused, and reduce their anxiety. 

When children's spaces feel 'just right', their sleep, appetite and mood can improve tremendously, and by definition help the family dynamic.