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BRT Interior Design can recreate and refresh every space in your home. From living rooms to bedrooms, no space is too big or too small and every project receives meticulous planning and attention to detail. True style comes from within. Together we will discover your unique style, and combine it with my aesthetic expertise to create your very own masterpiece.

A little love....

For clients who need help with small design projects to refresh and revamp your space


This can be done in person or virtually in your home. After an initial consultation to review your room needs, you’ll receive my recommendations list for accessorizing your space. This will include a visual of the room, along with my suggestions for revamping it (for example, adding a rug, giving your room a partial or complete color makeover, transforming the wallpaper print, inserting wall art, replacing room lighting). Limited to 4 hours of work.


Unsure what lamp to choose for your living room? Undecided about the pattern of a rug? Don’t know where to shop for any of it? For clients who need additional support and assistance finding and ordering items, a shopping companion is the perfect solution. We will figure it out together and have fun at the same time!


Does your space need a bit of spice? Sometimes a refreshing color is all you need. Selecting a shade from a large color palette can be a daunting process, especially when there are many things to consider. Let me guide you with a color consult so you can feel confident with your choice from the get go. 


This package allows you to use the following 20 hours in any way you want. We want to support and guide you through your project and help you where you need our services the most. This can range from sourcing your furniture purchases, or final selections and finishes. We want to ensure you are satisfied with a cohesive look and well put design.


A lot of love....


For clients who need help with large design projects to conceive and create rooms and spaces for their serenity.


We take the load off your shoulders encompassing everything from wall-to-wall design.

The design fee is billed on an hourly basis. There is an additional sourcing fee applied to all goods and services. An estimate of design hours, materials and furnishings will be provided after we meet and learn more about the project. We do understand that everyone has a different budget, and are open to work with you on your budget of comfort level.


If you are the type of client who does not want to commit to an hourly rate, full room design, or a la carte option then this service is perfect for you.

You will have the designer's complete attention for a full day of shopping, space-planning and finishing touches.

Simple. Easy. One day.